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3 ways a DUI can affect motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | DUI |

Summer is officially here, and if you own a motorcycle, you look forward to spending long hours on the open road. A South Dakota summer means the perfect weather to ride your bike through the Black Hills area and beyond. But if you choose to drink when you drive, you could be putting your riding season in danger.

DUI penalties in South Dakota can be strict. Bikers can find themselves severely limited to how much they can ride. How can a drunk driving conviction affect motorcyclists?

Losing a license

One of the most common DUI punishments is a driver’s license suspension or revocation. Without a license, a motorcyclist can’t take advantage of the short summer season in the Dakotas. While a first DUI could mean no driving privileges for a month, a second or third conviction could prevent a biker from riding for a year or more.

Bulky ignition interlocks

Depending on the penalties the court hands down, you may need to install an ignition interlock device on any vehicle you drive. This machine measures your breath for alcohol before you can start the engine and asks for retests while you are moving. You may need to pull your bike over multiple times on a ride to keep your engine on.

Lost days in DUI class

The court may also assign you to alcohol education courses. These classes are typically eight-hour days over a weekend. Instead of enjoying your free time on the open road with your bike, you will be stuck inside.

Losing out on riding season

South Dakota is an excellent place for you to ride in the summer. With its varying landscape and open roads, you can experience freedom and excitement. But with a DUI conviction, you may find yourself trapped by drunk driving punishments.