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Fighting License Revocations And Traffic Offenses

Kinney Law, pc, has extensive experience defending clients against a wide variety of traffic offenses, many of which could lead to driver’s license revocation, including commercial or regular licenses. We understand that the loss of driving privileges can have a devastating impact on all facets of your life.

Based in the Black Hills area of South Dakota, Kinney Law, pc, has represented many truckers and commercial driver’s license holders who need to protect their privilege to operate. If you face a traffic offense or a DUI charge in or near Rapid City or the Black Hills, we can help you handle it even if you are from out of state.

Reckless driving, careless driving and weigh station violations are all violations that have the potential to harm your career in operating commercial vehicles, if not handled correctly.

Taking Action To Protect Your License

Almost all states are members of the Interstate Compact, and South Dakota reports all convictions to the driver’s licensing agency of nonresident defendants. This means that if you were cited in South Dakota, this citation is likely to follow you. Contact our law firm today to have a criminal defense lawyer review your case before deciding on your next steps.

Commercial driver’s license holders cannot benefit from any deferment, masking or suspended imposition of judgment or conviction for ALL traffic offenses as to their commercial driver’s license status.

We are prepared to thoroughly examine the consequences to your license in an attempt to have revocations or suspensions avoided and save your license. Contact our law firm today and an attorney will carefully explain the legal process to you and stand by your side every step of the way.

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If you have questions regarding traffic violations, license revocation or suspensions, contact Kinney Law, pc, for a consultation at either our Spearfish or Rapid City, South Dakota, office. We can be reached by phone at 605-961-2945 or by completing the online contact form on this site.