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How drug courts help combat meth addiction

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2018 | Blog, Firm News |

If you count yourself among the many people across South Dakota currently grappling with an addiction to methamphetamine, you may have a firm understanding of just how tough this addiction can be to beat. Unfortunately, many prisons across the state and nation are filled with offenders who may, if not for their drug addictions, not need to be there, so there is a clear and present need for treating the addicts, as opposed to simply punishing them.

One way many communities are working to alleviate drug problems is by enrolling some nonviolent criminal offenders in drug courts, as opposed to having them serve time behind bars. Drug courts have many proven benefits for you, the addict, as well as your community, and they can prove tremendously beneficial when it comes to helping you beat your addiction.

Statistics about drug court and meth use

Methamphetamine addiction continues to plague many communities across South Dakota, but if you have the option to participate in drug court, doing so can help you combat your addiction far more than many other treatment methods. According to one study, by participating in drug court, you become 50 percent less likely to continue to abuse meth than you would if you participated in an outpatient treatment program without a drug court component. Furthermore, research indicates that you are more likely to continue to abstain from drug abuse due to participating in drug court, as opposed to enrolling in one of eight other treatment programs.

Additionally, the positive benefits that drug court can have on your drug addiction are often long-lasting. Research shows that the positive effects drug courts have on meth use can last for a year or longer after a participant completes the program.

Though drug courts are not yet available in all areas and are not appropriate for all drug offenders, they can make substantial differences in the lives of those facing meth addiction. If you want to not only avoid jail time, but also get to what might be the root of your criminal behavior, consider finding out if drug court might be available to you.