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How to avoid a DUI on vacation

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Firm News |

When visiting the Spearfish or Sturgis area visiting friends and family, attending an event or simply out on a weekend getaway, you deserve to have some fun. This may involve enjoying some alcohol at one of the local bars. 

However, you do not need to get a criminal conviction or hurt someone because of drunk driving. A DUI charge will ruin your otherwise enjoyable trip. Here are a few strategies for avoiding a DUI arrest on your South Dakota vacation.

Rely on other methods of transportation

If you are traveling, you may use other types of transportation to get around. Using the Uber app on your phone, calling a taxicab service or taking the bus are all easy to do. If you have old friends or family members in the area, call someone you trust for a ride back to your hotel.

This may mean you need to leave your own car or a rental vehicle somewhere. If this is the case, talk to the property owner about it. He or she may let you keep your car parked overnight. Even if you need to call a towing service, it is cheaper than dealing with fines and the legal fees associated with a DUI. 

Stay near your hotel

One tactic for avoiding a DUI is only going places near your hotel. Try picking a bar or restaurant within a mile or two of where you are staying so you do not need to drive to your destination. Keeping your activities within a safe walking distance eliminates the possibility of you getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. 

Do not even put your keys in the ignition

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to even be driving to get arrested. According to the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, you can face a DUI charge for simply being in physical control of your car. Do not get behind the wheel or put your keys in the ignition.